Door County Creamery takes “farm to table” to a whole new level. They’re farmers, cheese-makers and restaurateurs.  They do all three with passion and the results are sublime.

Enjoy some handcrafted goats milk gelato, try the traditional French technique goat chevre (flavored with ramps, fresh herbs, toasted onions and more), down some squeaky goat cheese curds and nourish your skin with their goats milk soap.  Beat that for Goatliness.

For a wonderful rustic gourmet lunch, check at the counter for daily sandwich, salad and soup offerings.  Or put together a mixed board of delights.  Choose a bottle of wine from the curated selection designed to compliment the savory goat-centric fare.

Find a seat outside on the dappled sunlit terrace and raise a glass to those beautiful goats and the folks who lovingly foster them.

If they make an appearance, you must stop to pet the adorable little baby goats. They occasionally have a special playpen set up outside on goat-friendly days. 

Lunch & Early Dinner

Seasonal (Open May-Oct.)

10653 N. Bay Shore Dr., Sister Bay  (21 Minute drive) | 920 854-3388