We were dedicated hotel and B&B fans...until we rented our first vacation rental.

After that, there was absolutely no going back. Ever.

Here’s why:

I'm a SUPER early riser, Greg is a normal early riser.

I’d have to lay awake in a hotel room for hours waiting for him to stir. But with a vacation rental, I’m up and about, making my coffee, enjoying the views, planning our day’s explorations while watching the world wake.

Egg Cottage note: Our assumption is that morning coffee is as important for our guests as it is for us.  We like our beans ground fresh each morning, so we have a coffee grinder on hand.  We researched the drip coffee maker for ease of use and quality of brew. We have the newest version of the Keurig, for your podful enjoyment.  And there’s a French Press, for those who like it extra strong.

We like to get into the local food scene and really dive into the spirit of things.

In hotels and B&Bs, that had us washing fruit in the bathroom sink, using pads of paper for pastry plates, cutting cheeses at a desk and consuming all of this perched on the edge of a bed. But in a vacation rental, the folks in the markets and specialty stores are giving us friendly greetings by the end of our stay.  Farmers markets, farm stands, specialty shops and local grocery stores are some of the first places we hit to stock up.

Egg Cottage note: On your way up to the cottage, you’ll pass one of the best farm markets, cheese shops and locally run grocery stores in Door County.  You could easily be stocked up by the time you arrive! If not, the organic grocery store is a 5 minute walk and Main Street Market is an 8 minute walk. We provide shopping baskets, if you prefer not to use the store’s grocery bags.

I don't like putting on makeup and dressing for my morning coffee or breakfast.

Egg Cottage note:  Wake and enjoy a coffee outside in the screened gazebo, watching the sailboats drift by.  Do a bit of yoga along the bluff, overlooking the glistening blue bay and THEN get ready for the day’s adventures.

In the evening, we always felt trapped in a hotel room.

Sure, we could sit in the hotel lounge, but not in our comfy clothes and certainly not cuddling.   I mean, we could, but that might be a bit weird and uncomfortable for everyone else. 

Egg Cottage note: After a long day of doing Door County, come back, get comfy, pour some wine, slice up some cheese, head to the gazebo and watch the sunset.  Then grab some throws and move to the fire pit for some warmth and incredible star gazing (add some quality smore-making, if you want to switch into full campfire mode).

A Vacation Home Especially for Couples

We designed Egg Cottage to be the perfect couples getaway – it’s where we spend our time, too. We decided to offer a 1st floor only cottage option (1 bedroom/1 bath) that is ideal for two people or a solo getaway.

With the whole house 2 beds/2 baths rental option, we can host up to four adults. 

With either rental option, you’ll always have the entire property to yourself.

Our rental length is flexible – stay for a long weekend or settle in for an extended retreat.

If you’ve never rented a home for a vacation weekend or week, we think once you try it, like us, you’ll never want to go back.

Door County Visitor Bureau Member